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Five missions so far: You are a member of Vulture squadron, part of the Skytank division of the remnants of humanity's air force, and your main enemies are the Technians, or the Tech as we pilots like to call them for short. The Tech are a race of once humans who transmogrified with machines more than a century ago. They seek to destroy their human counterparts seeing them as weak and insignificant, and continue to assault your civilization from their highly fortified air base, Tech Base 01. You must fly through canyons, destroy all gun turrets and enemy air mines, blow up the enemy's power plant, and dog fight with Technian Scouts flying deadly Tomahawks. Seek out and clear every battlefield of enemies, and tasks to complete each level and go onto the next mission. Pick up green nano packs when they appear to fix your aircraft and increase its life.

"Well, because of all the wars with the Tech, we can't hardly go outside anymore, but we can enjoy the view from the safety of our flying metal coffins" - Jett Welson (Vulture squad #22 Skytank Pilot)

Keyboard: W,A,S,D is down, up, left, right and Space bar (fire) M (missiles) B (boosters)

X Box controller left analog (down, up, left, right) A button (fire) B button (missiles) Y button (boosters)

Keyboard: C (first person/third person)